Friday, January 15, 2010

Managed Forest Law - What Does It Mean To Land Owner

If you are looking for recreational acreage in Wisconsin, you may find the property is "in the MFL". But what does that mean? And how can it affect you as a Buyer and a Property Owner.

MFL stands for Managed Forest Law, and is a program for property owners with large forested acreage to defer property taxes until land is harvested. You have a contract with the DNR for managing your property and pay lower taxes. There are also two types of MFL property - Open and Closed. Open properties have a lower tax rate and are available for the public to use. Closed properties have a higher tax rate but are not open to the public.

More information on the rules governing the purchase of MFL property can be found on the Wisconsin DNR website Managed Forest Law - Purchasing

Is this type of property right for you? Check out this paper published by the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at UW-Madison The Managed Forest Law Property Tax Program

At we deal with MFL properties all the time - if you have more questions or are looking to invest and enjoy a beautifully wooded property of your own drop us a note at or check out the listings on our website.

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